Month: November 2019

Maddock joins Lost&Found Board of Directors, brings global perspective and LGBT advocacy experience

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SIOUX FALLS, SD – Lost&Found is proud to welcome Nick Maddock, a respected leader and advocate for LGBT and campus communities, to its Board of Directors.

Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Nick carries a track record of success leading initiatives and inspiring change from his time as a student at Southeast Missouri State University, a financial analyst and Cafe Launch Manager with Capital One, and an advocate for LGBT students navigating the business community through Out for Undergrad.

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Nick brings to the board a sincere and personal passion for suicide prevention and LGBT advocacy based on his life experiences. Nick is currently a global citizen on a multi-year, world journey of personal growth and exploration as he spreads the ashes of his late father, Kevin, who died by suicide in 2015. His personal reach spans all 50 states and over 54 countries as a result of his work and travels.

“I believe in Lost&Found’s vision for creating a world in which no family member, friend, or acquaintance has to endure the loss of a loved one to suicide,” says Maddock. “I want to make the most of my time on this earth, explore and experience the world and all the hidden beauty within, and I am deeply moved by the opportunity to follow my passion by serving Lost&Found in this capacity.”

Nick is a 2014 Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) graduate with degrees in Finance, Economics, and Entrepreneurial Management, Nick was heavily involved throughout campus in numerous leadership positions including Interfraternity Council President, Executive Member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Finance and Economics Society President, Student Government Treasurer, 3 year Resident Assistant, and much more.

Nick’s involvement while a student at SEMO enabled him to create financial impact for new generations of SEMO students, a skill that will be put into practice supporting Lost&Found’s student leaders in its current footprint and future expansion. In 2013, Nick endowed the first LGBT focused scholarship at SEMO to be awarded to those who advocate for the LGBT community on- and off-campus. In 2016, he also endowed the Kevin J. Maddock International Studies Scholarship in honor of his late father.

Nick’s advocacy for LGBT students will prove incredibly valuable to Lost&Found’s commitment to ending suicide for young adults ages 14-35, knowing the outsize impact suicide has left on LGBT communities. Nick previously served in several operations and alumni leadership positions through Out for Undergrad, an LGBT-focused non-profit with a mission to help Undergraduate LGBT+ individuals to reach their full potential.

Nick’s involvement with Out for Undergrad would later connect him with his first role after graduating from SEMO, becoming a Financial Analyst for Capital One in Richmond, VA and later, Washington, DC and New York City. His financial acumen and love for travel would eventually take him to a more nomadic position with the bank, launching Capital One Cafes across the United States before launching his global journey in 2016.

“Nick brings a rare blend of storytelling, strategic vision, global mindset, and ownership mentality to the social sector that will greatly advance Lost&Found’s mission in South Dakota and the nation,” says Executive Director and CEO Erik Muckey. “Nick’s life experience and ability to maximize moments will be a tremendous asset to our students, campus leaders, and our Board and staff. We are fortunate to work with and learn from him.”

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Lost&Found is a Sioux Falls, SD-based 501c3 organization that builds resilient communities and people with compassion, understanding, and inclusion. Through student-led resiliency programs, campus counseling research support, and capacity building efforts, Lost&Found strives to end suicide for young adults nationwide.

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Erik Muckey

Executive Director (CEO)

Phone: 605-549-5281


Lost&Found receives $5,000 matching gift for #GivingTuesday2019

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SIOUX FALLS, SD — Ken Duncan, current Chair of the Board of Directors for People, Incorporated in St. Paul, MN, and his family have generously donated $5,000 to Lost&Found to match donations leading up to #GivingTuesday2019 on Tuesday, December 3. Originally from Flandreau, SD, Ken is a highly-committed advocate for mental health research and programs that help create a stronger support system for young adults of all circumstances, something that he and his family feel is embodied in the Lost&Found mission and its efforts.

Lost&Found’s efforts to help young adults build resilience and address life circumstances that leave us vulnerable to mental health conditions serves to strengthen not only individuals, but the community around us, as well,” says Duncan. Their approach to strengthen the community and provide the necessary support for individuals to be and remain healthy will serve us all well into the future. We are proud to support a true example of people helping people.”

The Duncan family gift will be applied to match all FOUNDers Club donations leading into #GivingTuesday2019, and all new donations through the Lost&Found Donation Portal, by mail, or via Facebook Fundraising will be eligible for the match through December 3rd or whenever the gift is matched fully, whichever comes later.

“We are thankful to the Duncan family for their incredible commitment to improving student mental health in South Dakota, Minnesota, and around the country,” said Lost&Found CEO & Executive Director Erik Muckey. “Their gift places an exclamation mark on what has been a year of transformation for Lost&Found—unveiling new student resilience education, expanding student chapters to three campuses in South Dakota, and introducing never-before-seen mixed methods research to understand student mental health needs on campuses around the region.

This #GivingTuesday, the Duncan family has issued a challenge that we can all meet: to meet rising student mental health needs head on and take action to build resilient communities.”

How can you support Lost&Found this #GivingTuesday and help us meet the Duncans’ $5,000 match challenge? Lost&Found encourages three ways to give this season:

  • Join the FOUNDers Club. Create a monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring donation on the Lost&Found Donation Portal of $120/year or more ($10/month, $30/quarter), and every dollar goes toward program staffing, student leadership development, and Lost&Found’s emerging student mental health research initiatives. As the program enters 2020, Lost&Found will connect FOUNDers Club members around the region through networking events, provide members with regular resilience tips and first access to new volunteer and staff opportunities, and send each member an annual gift for their support. Best of all, FOUNDers Club donations are eligible for match at any time throughout the year, exponentially increasing the potential for impact from your support. Learn more and join the FOUNDers Club today.

  • Start a #GivingTuesday Facebook fundraiser for Lost&Found. Through Facebook’s free fundraising platform for certified 501c3 nonprofits, like L&F, supporters of the cause can easily connect with friends and family to increase their ability to raise funds and generate impact. For any Facebook user who creates a fundraiser for Lost&Found and raises more than $200 toward the match goal, Lost&Found will send a thank-you gift and handwritten note from our staff. Spice up your fundraiser with a matching gift of your own, and know you are leaving your mark on a new era of student mental health in our region! Start your Facebook fundraiser here.


  • Support a chapter leader on the Lost&Found Donation Portal or on Facebook. Over 100 student leaders operate campus chapters at the University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, the University of Sioux Falls, Dakota Wesleyan University, and Augustana University. Through #GivingTuesday, 100% of any donations made to a Lost&Found Facebook fundraiser hosted by one of our chapter leaders will go directly to their chapter program funds, and any donation designated to a chapter on the Lost&Found Donation Portal is subject to the $5,000 match until it’s gone. Act fast, and you can directly impact student mental health programs at the school you love. Check out student fundraisers here and show your support.

There are a multitude of ways to support Lost&Found now and throughout the year. As Lost&Found chapters close a month of programming focused on building gratitude, Lost&Found thanks you for your tremendous support in 2019! We hope you, like our student leaders and advisers do daily, choose to meet the challenge this #GivingTuesday.

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Lost&Found is a Sioux Falls, SD-based 501c3 social venture that builds resilient communities and people with compassion, understanding, and inclusion. Through student-led resilience programs, campus research services, and mental health ecosystem building, Lost&Found envisions a country and a world in which no young adult dies by suicide.

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Erik Muckey

CEO / Executive Director