Partner With L&F

Facing the community impact of untreated mental health conditions and suicide risk factors requires local, collaborative, and human-centered solutions.

Lost&Found strives to partner with fellow nonprofits, mental health and crisis care providers, secondary and post-secondary education institutions, employers, and funders to advance the mission of suicide prevention through collaboration and ecosystem building. This work is meant to make mental health and suicide prevention resources available, accessible, and usable.

What kinds of partners does Lost&Found look for? A few examples of what partnership may look like:

    • Collaborate to build mental health educational content geared toward young adults (15-34) and their support networks, especially vulnerable populations (rural, indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, BIPOC)
    • Conduct outreach to young adults and their support networks (especially college students!)
    • Build and lead community suicide prevention coalitions
    • Deliver mental health or suicide prevention programs serving young adults in any capacity (student, employee, parent, etc.)
    • Create, deliver, and measure outcomes for mental health and suicide prevention curriculum in classroom or orientation program settings
    • Create volunteer or workplace giving opportunities with organizations small and large and everywhere in-between

There are plenty of ways we can partner together, and every action we can take together gets all of us closer to a world without suicide. We’re ready to work with you!

Looking for support from Lost&Found staff on an existing program in your community? Connect with us here.

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