Resources for Survivors of Suicide Loss

  • Helpline Center

    Information on Sioux Falls local support group and grief support class, statewide supportive packets, newsletter, caring cards, outreach services, children and teen survivor info and events.  

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

    Read stories from other suicide loss survivors, the Resource and Healing Guide, nationwide support groups, international survivors of suicide loss day, and other practical information for after your loss.  

  • Grief After Suicide Loss (SAVE)

    Practical information on grief after loss as well as informational flyers educating about suicide, how to talk to others after a loss (to share with family), and other information about grief.  

  • Black Hills Region Survivor Services (Front Porch Coalition)

    Non-profit local to the Black Hills region providing outreach services, children’s comfort kids, support group, grief support class, suicide loss survivor social group, annual retreat and more.  

  • Healing After a Suicide Loss in Your Life Booklet

    A downloadable resource and healing guide created by the Helpline Center and SD Behavioral Health Services offering practical support and guidance through your grief journey.  

  • Alliance for Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors

    An online forum to connect with other survivors, practical information on grief and other supportive resources.