Recommended Links

  • South Dakota Suicide Prevention: State Strategic Plan (2020-2025)

    South Dakota has established a state workgroup focused on improving suicide prevention efforts. The workgroup has developed a strategic plan and sets priorities for each new year. Learn about South Dakota’s plan to reduce deaths by suicide here.

  • Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

    To learn more about suicide prevention in general, visit the nationwide Suicide Prevention Resource Center. The article linked here reviews a scholarly article, “Improving Suicide Prevention Through Evidence-Based Strategies: A Systematic Review”. Overall, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center houses information and links to suicide prevention efforts happening across the United States.

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Suicide Prevention Strategies

    The CDC has outlined prevention and protective strategies for combatting suicide. These strategies are evidence-based and address necessary public health efforts for all levels of society. The CDC’s suicide prevention strategies include strengthen economic supports, strengthen access and delivery of suicide care, create protective environments, promote connectedness, teach coping and problem-solving skills, identify and support people at risk, lessen harms and prevent future risk.

  • We Can All Prevent Suicide

    The National Suicide Prevention Hotline provides information on how to prevent suicide and the risk factors and warning signs to watch for in loved ones. We can all help to prevent suicide by educating ourselves and by connecting those in need to proper care.

  • American Psychological Association: Building your resilience.

    Lost&Found highlights resilience in all the things we do. Resilience is a skill that we can work to improve to help us through difficult situations. “We all face trauma, adversity and other stresses. Here’s a roadmap for adapting to life-changing situations, and emerging even stronger than before.”