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This week’s #mindfulminute 🤔 from @resilienttoday:⠀

Take a deep breath in and count to 5. Breathe it all out. Repeat 3x.⠀

Reflect on this saying, “All things are difficult until they are easy.”⠀

Think about one activity you love to do. Was it ever hard for you? Did you ever face challenges? Did you go through a process of learning how to do it? ⠀

Odds are, the answer to any one of these questions is “yes."⠀

And the thing is, you don't find what you love to do without difficulties. Usually there are actions, decisions, and many obstacles to overcome.⠀

Right now, are you facing an uphill battle? Are you facing a challenge that seems impossible to overcome? Or maybe something simple you just aren't motivated to tackle at the moment? ⠀

If so, start with the easiest step — the thing that will get you moving. Once you're moving, odds are you will find moving is easy and won't want to stop. And then that difficult thing will soon feel easier to do.

It may even turn into something you love. 🧗‍♂️⠀

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A few statements to acknowledge today and everyday. 🧡💭⠀
#positivity #positiveintentions #mindfulness #mindfulliving #perspectives #personaldevelopment #happinessishere #happinesscomesfromwithin #resilience #resilience101 #resilienttoday

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Celebrating and honoring #NativeAmericanDay and #IndigenousPeoplesDay with our commitment to cultural humility. We hope you join us. 🙌 ...

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Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”⠀

This doesn’t mean do something that scares others but does mean do something that pushes you and brings you closer to the best version of yourself.

So, let’s get to it. Make that therapy appointment. Schedule that virtual 5K run. Go on that socially-distant date. Use the workout equipment you invested it. Apply for that new job. Join that new club you’ve heard about. ⠀

You can do it! We believe in you. We are here for you.⠀

#MondayMotivation #MondayMood #LetsMakeItAGoodWeek 👏

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Have you heard the term cultural humility? 🧐⠀

Cultural humility is ongoing self-reflection, self-critique, self-awareness, and self-growth related to cultures different from one’s own.⠀

Cultures may vary by region, race, ethnicity, disability, or gender. Being cognizant of one’s own culture, and being open to learning from others about culture, helps us all to become more mindful humans. 🤎🖤🤍❤️💛💙⠀

#culturalhumility #culturalawareness #diversityandinclusion #learnfromothers #mindfulness #mindfulliving #resilienttoday

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Want to find a therapist for yourself? ⠀

➡️Search on psychologytoday.com to look for a good fit within the private sector by your location and by your insurance — if you have mental health coverage. If you do not have insurance coverage, the website will also list therapists with sliding scale fees to help keep costs to a minimum.⠀

➡️Also, make sure to check to see if your insurance or your parents’ insurance has an EAP program. Typically an EAP will cover 5 counseling sessions each year per insurance holder and per dependent. Your EAP will let you know which providers are covered.⠀

➡️If you would rather, states also have community behavioral health centers with sliding fee scales! Most centers can be searched for online. Call the center and ask about their fees.⠀

➡️Another option if you are in school would be to look on your school’s website for counseling center or therapist hours!! Most schools and universities provide this service free of charge.⠀

Reach out if you’re curious to learn more or if you need help taking your first steps. ☺️👏 Remember, it’s okay to ask for help!! It’s okay to not be okay!! Make that appointment if you feel the need. ⠀

#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #seekinghelpisbrave #therapyisforeveryone #therapyiscool #youmatter #wearehere #seekthehelpyouneed #resilience #resilience101 #resilienttoday #youcandoit ⠀

“You don’t drown by being in the water, you drown by staying there.”

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This week’s #mindfulminute 🤔 from @resilienttoday:⠀

First, take a deep breath in and count to 5. Breathe it all out. Repeat 3x.⠀

Repeat this mantra 5x: My thoughts do not need to control the way I feel.⠀

Think about how you are feeling today. ⠀

Are you anxious, worried, unsettled, or angry? ⠀
Do you know why you might be feeling this way?⠀
Is it because of your thoughts 💭? ⠀
Are you anxious about the event you have next week?
Are you worried about getting the results from a loved one’s COVID test?⠀
Are you unsettled as you continue to work or study at home? ⠀
Are you angry because you had an unexpected conversation with an individual that upset you? ⠀

Notice that each of these negative feelings are tied to a thought. These feelings are tied to some thought about your past or future. ⠀

Now, try to focus on the moment. Notice how you feel good as you focus on your breath and on this exact moment. Notice how living in the present reduces thoughts about the past and future.⠀

Remember, your thoughts do not control how you feel.⠀

#focusonthenow #focusonthemoment #bepresent #breathinbreathout #breathedeeply #focusonyourbreath #breathwork #mindfulness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #buildingresilience

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