Bring L&F To Your Community

Lost&Found programs, services, and resources are designed with community needs in mind. If you’d like to bring Lost&Found’s suicide prevention programs to your community, we’re ready to collaborate with you!

  • Launch a student program on your campus

    Our Student Programs team is excited to work with you to bring one of our signature student programs to your campus! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you bring Lost&Found student programs to your campus community.

    • L&F Advocates: This program trains students to better understand and care for their own mental health and the mental health of others in their community.
    • Peer2Peer Mentorship: This one-on-one peer coaching program provides support and navigation for students struggling with campus life. 
    • Campus Chapter: In this student-led campus affiliate, student leaders support peers, create connections, and partner with local leaders for suicide prevention.

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  • Join the Campus Resilience Index (CRI) network

    The Campus Resilience Index (CRI) is a tool created by Lost&Found that assesses the suicide prevention capacity of college and technical school campus communities and provides comprehensive guidance for campus leaders on suicide prevention best practices.

    If you’d like to bring this service to your campus and join a network of other campuses sharing resources and best practices, we would love to partner with you!

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  • Partner with our Evaluation and Research Services team

    Our Evaluation and Research Services team is ready to serve the needs of your community in a variety of ways! We apply public health, prevention, and program evaluation best practices to conduct needs assessments, provide outsourced program evaluation services, and help your community improve mental health and prevention outcomes.

    Ready to work with our team? Here’s a few ways we can help you:

    • Program Evaluation: We can co-create evaluation plans, design data collection tools and databases, analyze data and reporting, and provide recommendations to help suicide prevention or mental health programs thrive.
    • Campus Mental Health Data Support: We design and collect qualitative and quantitative mental health data through interviews and focus groups, advise and facilitate validated campus-wide surveys to assess student mental health needs and access, and provide recommendations to collaborating partners.
    • Community Needs Assessments: We measure mental health service or suicide prevention gaps, conduct community-based interviews and focus groups, develop system maps and data visualizations, and provide program and policy recommendations.

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  • Request mental health curriculum or training

    Not every person has experienced or will experience a mental health condition or suicide ideation, but we all have a role to play in preventing suicide. This responsibility starts with education. Lost&Found provides mental health and suicide prevention educational sessions and curriculum geared toward young adults (15-34) and their support networks. We can also connect you with other community training providers or create curriculum customized to your community’s needs.

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  • Collaborate on policy or coalition-building in your community

    Lost&Found takes a leading role in shaping suicide prevention strategies for young adults in South Dakota and the surrounding region. Our team is open to requests for collaboration or support on policy initiatives related to our mission of preventing young adult suicide (ages 15-34), as well as providing support to prevention coalitions in our service area. Send a message to CEO Erik Muckey to start a conversation about how we can work together.

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  • Host a community event with Lost&Found

    We love events that bring people together on mental health, whether online or in-person! If you are looking to advance suicide prevention and mental health priorities in your community for young adults and want us to join you in bringing your community together, let’s have a conversation. Get started by using the link below to send a message to CEO Erik Muckey.

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  • Share your story in your community

    Lost&Found believes that storytelling is suicide prevention. If you have a story to share about how your life has been affected by mental health conditions or suicide and how you found support, we’d love to hear from you and support your efforts.

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