Start your Holiday Mental Health Plan with this checklist

We know this holiday season won’t be like any other. That’s why our team has created a Holiday Mental Health Checklist for the months ahead. ✅

Use the four components of resilience to gauge your mental health over the months ahead (and beyond!). If you’re not able to check the box, that’s okay—we all are at different places in our mental health journeys, and each of us can take steps to improve our mental health.

Know that your mental health matters, and you are worth the actions you need to take to improve your mental health. This checklist can help you know where to start.

Once you have a starting point, check out Lost&Found on Instagram for regular ideas on how to improve your mental health in these areas over the holiday season.



Use the four components of resilience to gauge your mental health this holiday season. If you’re unable to check three or more items in each, plan to work on improving that aspect of your mental health.


  • I talk to others ⏤ coworkers, clients, friends, family, neighbors, or patients — often (multiple times per day).
  • I visit and chat with friends regularly (once or more per week).
  • I connect with my family/loved ones often (once or more per week).
  • I feel connected to my local community.


  • I feel fulfilled with my life and look forward to my future.
  • I feel as if my life has purpose, and I take actions to give it purpose.
  • I feel connected to my faith, higher power, or force that gives me purpose.
  • I could write down 5 long-term goals for myself at this moment.


  • I talk to myself the way I talk to others (with positivity, grace, and compassion).
  • I accept who I am, and I embrace my flaws.
  • I think positively about myself, my characteristics, and my values.
  • I feel positive about my life and the steps I am taking daily to grow.


  • I drink at least 64 ounces of water (approximately 8 cups) each day.
  • I eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each and every day.
  • I exercise at least 5 times a week.
  • I feel financially stable or have a plan to become financially stable.

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