Have a Story of Resilience? We’d like to hear it

Lost&Found’s September storytelling project is returning for its fourth year. While the project will have a few modifications, the purpose of the project is the same: Using the power of stories to heal, connect people, and bring about change—especially changes that improve mental health, build resilience, and prevent suicide.

Youth and young adults, especially those ages 10-34, are invited to share their stories of resilience to lend hope, opportunities for conversation, and resources to others.

The project, which Lost&Found is conducting with the support of the South Dakota Humanities Council, highlights the stories of youth and young adults who have discovered resources, resilience, and hope for the future in the face of mental health challenges and/or suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, or suicide loss. Stories from people who are motivated to address mental health because they have been affected by the mental health challenges of someone they care about are also welcome. The month-long project uses a website and social media to share stories each day of September, which is National Suicide Prevention Month.

For 2024, the project is titled “Stories of Resilience.” This is a change from the previous three years of the project, when it was called “30 Days, 30 Stories.” Instead of aiming for 30 stories, the goal is 10 to 15, which will be told in two or three parts. Each day of National Suicide Prevention Month will still have a new post, but with fewer storytellers, the logistics and costs for the project overall will be less to manage for our staff.

Each story will be released on the project’s website as well as on Lost&Found’s social media platforms and will be told in written form, photos, and/or video.

We will also host three events at South Dakota universities in September. Storytellers will be invited to attend and participate in those events. Watch Lost&Found’s social media platforms for more details on those events soon.

Some of our goals for the project include:

  • Increasing awareness of mental health challenges. Sharing these stories increases the awareness of mental health challenges and conditions, which can reduce the stigma that prevents people from seeking help.
  • Talking about why storytelling matters. Storytelling is important in building community resilience and in preventing suicide.
  •  Promoting resources that support mental health.
  • Focusing on young adults. We want to make sure young people see themselves in these stories and feel ownership in the storytelling project.
  • Featuring storytellers from a diversity of backgrounds.
  • Equipping more people with skills to tell their own stories.

To submit your story, fill out the form here. We welcome story submissions through July 15. Lost&Found staff will get in touch to arrange for a photo and video session.

If you have questions or need additional information, email

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