Brad Hearst is a consultant with Marsh McLennan Agency where he advises employers on employee benefits, business insurance, and focused analytical resources. He works in collaboration with his clients’ boards of directors, c-suite, and human resources directors to identify challenges and build a long-term strategy aligned with their needs with a focus on plan utilization, alternative funding methodologies, cost contribution, benchmarking, forecasting, employee education, and engagement.

Brad is an avid philanthropist and was the founder and executive director of Survivors Joining for Hope, now a part of Lost&Found, which provides both financial and emotional support to families after they have lost a loved one by suicide. In addition, he has been a teacher for Junior Achievement since 2017 and a mentor for students of the Leadership South Dakota Program.

Outside of work, Brad loves spending time with his wife and three boys. He is also the host and executive producer for the podcast “Society Rewired,” which openly and honestly discusses mental health in order to normalize the conversation and help those currently struggling.